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HRP-120V delivery


On the 3rd of June, 2024. we have received a delivery of an amazing HRP-120V, which is available now!

The pulverizer includes an integrated OQ120 connection.


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Hydraram wishes you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Best wishes for 2024!

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Stock spotlight: HCD-15R

Today's stock spotlight goes to the HCD-15R Car dismantler! 

The unique profile and steel-cutting blades are a great fit for salvaging material from cars.

HCD-15R is suitable for carriers from 16 to 25 tons, and weighs 1520kg.

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Stock Spotlight: HSS-34RV

Today's stock spotlight is for the HSS-34RV scrap shears!

They weigh 3360k kg, and are suitable for carriers from 30 to 43 tons.

Feel free to contact us via contact form for more information on stock status!

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Stock alert 17.11.2023

Today's stock additions! Get in touch via our email, phone number or contact form to learn more.


1520 kg 

Suitable for carriers from 18 to 28 tons 


1640 kg 

Suitable for carriers from 20 to 30 tons

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Stock alert - HCS-42U

This HCS-42U Combi cutter is a great choice for crushing concrete and cutting reinforcement steel all in one! 

This particular model is 3820 kg, which is suitable for carriers from 32 to 50 tons. 

Even better- it is currently in stock! 

Do not hesitate to contact us about machines we have available on hand from Monday to Friday, 8-5 p.m.!

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Sometimes you just need a 300 kg concrete crusher!

This HCC-3V is one of the smallest in our HCC range, weighing in at 300 kg it is suitable for carriers from 4 to 7 tons.  

The HCC concrete Crusher series is one of our most extreme, since it hosts models for carriers from 1.5 tons all the way to 300 tons!

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EMG-100 Battery Integrated Magnet

This is an EMG-100 battery integrated magnet of 950 kg with a grapple connection. 

Hydraram offers a wide selection of hydraulic magnets, as well as battery and electromagnets. 

Preview our brochure and catalogue, or contact us to learn what's available immediately!

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Stock alert 26.9.2023.

Don't miss out on these recycling machines! 


1480 kg 

Suitable for excavators from 13 to 22 tons. 


1640 kg 

Suitable for excavators from 20 to 30 tons.

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Nordbau 2023 Exhibition

Nordbau 2023 is underway! 

Take the opportunity to learn everything bout our NEW HPS and HBS Powerscreeners and chat with our specialists about all things demolition and recycling! 

You can find our exhibition from 6.9.2023 until 10.9.2023. 

We hope to see you soon!

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Crushing and cutting demonstrations at Steinexpo 2023

Today at Steinexpo visitors were able to view some Hydraram cutter and crusher demonstrations.

It is easy to see the variety of Hydraram hydraulic attachments when it comes to crushing and sorting.

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Steinexpo 2023

 The giants are walking on Earth again! 

We are waiting for you at STEINEXPO stand B-76

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Steinexpo 2023

We are getting ready for Steinexpo and Nordbau, where you'll be able to come and see a variety of demolition and recycling machines.

Steinexpo 2023 begins on the 23rd of August.  You'll find the Hydraram exhibit on booth B76! 

We'll be happy to see you there!

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Nieuwe apparaten! HPS- en HBS-serie

Something new is cooking in our workshop!

Brochures for 2023 are now available digitally on English, German and Dutch.

Scroll below to download your copy!

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HTG-180R 16.06.2023

It's always a pleasure to see a HTG tree grab hiding between sorting grabs!
This HTG-180R weighs 1140 kg. It's suitable for carriers from 16-24 tons. HTG tree grabs are also available with 7-teeth shells for a more secure grip.
Our woodline range also includes tree cutters, log and stump splitters!

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Machine highlight: HMR-15V

Today's highlight is the HMR-15V which is the only Multi-recycler size we offer. It weighs 1480 kg, and it is suitable for carriers from 13 to 22 tons. This machine is suitable for processing large quantities of wood, paper, plastic and light scrap. Multi-recycler is the perfect name for it!
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HCC-58V en meer!

Don't miss today's stock additions!

HCC , HSS and HFP models available under 'Read more'

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HSS-140R arrives! + stock alert

Big machines are the most exciting to receive on our deck. Take a look at that HSS-140RV! 

This machine is 14300 kg and suitable for carriers from 140 to 170 tons.

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HRC-42R en HCB-56

Today's arrivals are  HRC-42R rail cropper (In stock!) and HCB-56 crushing bucket. These amazing machines make the processing of rails and demolition materials much quicker.

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Sorteer grijpers - Nieuwe aankomst 03.05.2023

The 03.05.2023. shipment of grabs included a HDG-340R of 2280 kg, suitable for excavators from 28 to 42 tons!

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Hydraulische grijpers - Nieuwe aankomst 25.04.2023

290 kg
For carriers from 3 to 5 tons

560 kg
For carriers from 7 to 12 tons

1140 kg
For carriers from 14 to 22 tons

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Hydraulische magneten - Nieuwe aankomst 18.04.2023

The 18.04.2023. shipment of magnets consists of three HMG-T1150 magnets of 1400 kg, suitable for excavators from 20 to 30 tons!

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Sorteer grijpers - Nieuwe aankomst 28.03.2023

The 28.03.2023. shipment of grabs included a HDG-520R of 4360 kg, suitable for excavators from 42 to 64 tons! This is momentarily the 2nd biggest grab on stock.

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